post-title Welcome 2021 to Manilva

Welcome 2021 to Manilva

Welcome 2021 to Manilva

Welcome 2021 to Manilva

So we enter a new year and unfortunately we are still in turmoil with the Covid 19 situation, with numbers still on the increase for Manilva and Andalucia in general we don´t seem to be moving out of this worldwide pandemic.

Our area of Manilva, Duquesa, Sabbinillas and Casares are having our fair share of problems, with increased burglaries and crime figures climbing we hope to see an end to this dire situation with news of vaccines being delivered across the country.

From Sunday 17th Jan we have more restrictions on travel and the hospitality industry like bars and restaurants having to close earlier again at 18.00 and curfew hours from 23.00 to 08.00.

Some establishments in Duquesa Port have decided to close for awhile until the Covid infection numbers decline.

New Restrictions for January 2021

☕🛒Open trading and hospitality hours until 18:00.

👥Maximum 4 people in social gatherings including bar and restaurant tables.

🚧Maintain perimeter closure of Andalucia.

🚧Closure of the eight provinces.

🚧Closure of all municipalities where the infections are greater than 500 per 100.000 inhabitants, including Manilva.

🕰Extend the curfew from 20:00 if authorised by the GOB of Spain, some areas may extend it to 22:00.

All cultural events are also cancelled until further notice.

Good News

New hospital in Estepona due to open February 1st for Covid patients
Estepona Hospital

We have recently heard that the CCOO of the Costa del Sol Health Agency reported that due to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is likely that the new Estepona Hospital will open form February 1st  2021.

Storm Philomena

Storm Philomena washed out the rivers and bamboo got washed back up on the beaches of Manilva and Casares, beaches now clean
Playa Manilva

We was also treated to cold weather and a large storm called Philomena, which has left most of northern Spain with record low temperatures and a blanket of snow , we had some heavy rain which was needed and the local mountain tops where dusted with snow.

Sierra Bermaja Mountain with snow tops after storm Philomena
Sierra Bermeja

Further inland there was some landslides and flooding in Marina Casares.

Brexit Information 2021

Brexit arrived after it seemed an age of negotiations, with the local Brit community now classified as 3rd world citizens, which means new TIE cards needed to be applied for and residents need to change their driving licence over to Spanish, this was always the case but now you may need to take a driving test in Spain if not applied for in the allocated time.

More details here from living in Spain.

For correct information you should consult with a local Gestoria or visit the Citizens Advice Bureau for updated news that may affect you, this is run by volunteers and they work hard to keep us all up to date with Spanish bureaucracy rules and regulations.

Keep safe and look out for each other, check out our Facebook page for more local news.

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