post-title Top things to try in Manilva in 2022

Top things to try in Manilva in 2022

Top things to try in Manilva in 2022

Top things to try in Manilva in 2022

Whether you are a visitor trying to find the best things that Manilva has to offer, or a resident looking for something different to try, there can be no doubt that there is something for everyone in this stunning part of the Costa del Sol. 

At the southwestern end of Malaga province, Manilva is close to the coast and surrounded by stunning natural beauty, historical attractions and a range of intriguing options for days out. Most famous perhaps for its proximity to the stunning shoreline of southern Spain, there’s actually a great deal here whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a foodie. 

There is a great deal of hope that in 2022, the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic will be over. That will mean plenty of people will be looking for the different types of things they can get up in and around Manilva, and thankfully there is a real variety of options on offer.

Here we take a look at some of the most interesting attractions and things to do that Manilva has on offer in 2022. 

Roman baths

Roman baths between Manilva and Casares

In a valley just below Manilva you can find one of the most interesting and relaxing things to do, a trip to the roman baths of Hedionda. The natural baths were created by a sulphur spring that flows from a limestone outcrop high in the valley. This beautiful area caught the attention of the Romans more than two thousand years ago. 

One tale often told is that Julius Caesar himself visited the baths, and the health-giving waters cured him of a skin condition. There can be no doubt that the mud found in the baths is excellent for the skin, however, and visitors are encouraged to cover themselves in the mud before washing it off in the river. 

The baths do get busy, especially on warm sunny days. Thankfully they are located close to the Roman Oasis restaurant and plenty of nice spots for a picnic. 

Castillo de la Duquesa

La Duquesa Castle in Castillo

Castillo de la Duquesa is a small fishing village that is most famous for the 18th century fortress of the same name located in the middle of town. For those interested in history, there may be no more interesting sight in Manilva, and it is definitely worth paying a visit in 2022. 

The castle was originally erected all the way back in 1787. It was built by Francisco Paulino of Seville in order to defend the coastline. When you look around the castle, you can also visit the archeological museum which contains a number of interesting artifacts such as grinding stones, handmade roof tiles, jewellery, and much more. 

The village itself is also a pleasant example of charming southern Spain, so it is definitely worth spending a day here and having a look around. 


Vineyards that surround Manilva and produce award winning wines

One aspect of Manilva that is growing in popularity rapidly is its status as a wine producer. The area is blessed to be home to one of the finest vineyards in the country, which produces extremely high quality Muscat of Alexandria grapes. The fact that Manilva is a dry and hot location close to the sea and virtually stradling Europe and Africa means that the grapes here enjoy a truly unique character. 

The Nilva winery is committed to creating world-class wines and if that is something you are interested in, it is definitely worth taking a tour of the vineyard alongside a wine tasting session. This way you will not only get to learn about the specifics of the wines, you’ll actually get to experience them for yourself. 

La Duquesa Golf Club

La Duquesa Golf club

If you are interested in getting out and playing some golf in Manilva, this part of the country hosts a stunning golf club. La Duquesa Golf and Country Club features a beautiful 18-hole course built by Robert Trent Jones

On a clear day there are lovely views across the water to Africa, making this a truly picturesque place to play golf. And the club enjoys a generous range of amenities including a sauna and even an indoor pool. If you’re looking for something completely different, this is a brilliant place to truly embrace golf. 

Beginners, improvers and advanced players can get a lot out of playing here. So definitely consider it if you have any interest in golf. 

Walks and hikes

Undoubtedly one of the most appealing aspects of Manilva is its stunning setting. Close both to the countryside and to the beach, there are many opportunities for getting out into nature and enjoying magnificent sights. One of the best ways to do this is with a walk or hike, taking in the breathtaking natural beauty. 

Whether you’re interested in a scenic stroll along the coastline or a more adventurous hike in the hills, there is something here for all levels of fitness. There are even a range of guided walks that can be booked through local providers. 

Festivals and concerts

San Juan and the Virgin Del Carmen are probably the most popular fiestas during the summer with many visitors to the town and beach of Sabinillas

Every year Manilva plays hosts to a wide range of concerts by world-renowned artists, so it is definitely worth looking around for upcoming events. There are also events and festivals such as the summer markets in Castillo.
If you’re not too certain about the range of possibilities on our list, there are plenty more things to do and try if you’re willing to venture out further onto the rest of the Costa del Sol. Manilva does have a lot to offer, both for those living locally and for anyone visiting the area. Try something new today or simply explore the area.

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