post-title Summer 2021 News Update

Summer 2021 News Update

Summer 2021 News Update

Summer 2021 News Update

The summer is now coming to an end and what a very strange one it has been weather wise for the past few weeks in August, with high humidity and cloud cover and to top it off  last week rain, well large drops of dust with a small amount of water added, that has covered everywhere in orange dust!

Not to mention making the roads very slippery and adding a few accidents to the stats.

Purple stinger jellyfish

Beaches and the local waters had a big influx of jelly fish of all different types and sizes, some very large. Red and yellow flags have been flown all along the Costa Del Sol in the past 10 days. Most were the harmless Velella (or Sea Raft) but hundreds were found to be the extremely dangerous Pelagia Noctiluca. Also known as the Purple Stinger, they can cause excruciating pain requiring possible medical assistance.

We´ve also had a couple of local bars in Sabinillas fall foul of fires and having to close due to damage caused. Palms was back in July and was gutted and most recently La Casita during the weekend of 21st August, we hope you get back to normal soon.


El Jamon replaces Super Sol in Manilva and Sabinillas

Super Sol has become El Jamon and in late September the smaller super sol on the roundabout in Sabi will become a Carrefour Express,  closing on the 11th Sept and due to reopen on the 29th September.


Vendimia 2021 is set to be staged this year and will be as always the first weekend of September

The Manilva Vendima is back for this year and as always will commence in the first weekend of September. We do not have any details how the Manilva council will monitor and regulate the crowds that gather for this event, when we have more information we´ll post it on our Facebook page.

The festival of St. Luis, Patron of Sabinillas commences this week  25th to 29th with a fair and music events as well as a Mercado Marinero along the paseo.

Summer is coming to an end and we hope you all had a safe and enjoyable one, local business needed your help and on behalf of them we thank you for your support.

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