post-title Sabinillas Promenade Remodelling

Sabinillas Promenade Remodelling

Sabinillas Promenade Remodelling

Sabinillas Promenade Remodelling

The Diputación de Málaga is collaborating with the City Council of Manilva in the remodelling and beautification project of the Sabinillas promenade, which has been divided into three phases and will allow the repair and renovation of infrastructure and pavement sections of about 600 meters of the walk, this will also include new lighting. The provincial institution has drafted the projects and will co-finance the works with one million Euros of funds from the Assistance and Cooperation Plan.

The deputy for Development and Infrastructure, Francisco Oblaré, explained that technicians from the Diputación’s Roads and Works service drafted the projects for the first two phases, which have already been awarded by the Manilva City Council, and the third phase is currently being drafted.

Mr Oblaré has pointed out that it intends to make a comprehensive remodelling of the promenade, with paving and existing urban services and urban furniture, the town hall raised this issue to improve the promenade given its age of more than 20 years.

The project will improve and repair the promenade with a new aesthetic, in addition to the renovation of the telecommunications networks, drinking water supply and sanitation, installing new rainwater networks. Likewise, the energy efficiency of public lighting infrastructures and the renovation of urban furniture and the separation wall with the beach will be improved.

Ride design

The promenade will continue to be pedestrian with the occasional use of light or heavy vehicles (such as cleaning vehicles, trucks and excavators) because at certain times access to the beach may be necessary for beach maintenance and cleaning and washing of the promenade.

In addition, spaces will be set up for the use of cultural activities in the larger areas, providing them with the necessary stable infrastructure to the entire front of houses and existing catering establishments on the commercial ground floor of the buildings facing the sea.

The design of the promenade has taken into account that it must be an element that integrates within the coastal-littoral environment, facilitating the mobility of users and guaranteeing accessibility to the sea.

The paving will be executed with prefabricated concrete slabs of various sizes and shades, resembling a wave beating on the beach. On the border of the promenade with the beach, prefabricated concrete benches will be placed alternated with stainless steel railings that will give more permeability and the current lamp posts will be replaced with greater energy efficiency.

Three phases

Three phase remodelling of Sabinillas Paso

The works will be carried out in three phases. 

The first includes the remodelling of the street that accesses Neptune Square from Duquesa de Arcos Street and Costa del Sol Square, with an execution period of four months. It has been awarded for 123,621 Euros, of which the Provincial Council will contribute 50,000 Euros charged to the 2020 Provincial Assistance and Cooperation Plan and the Manilva City Council, the rest.

The second phase affects a section of about 350 meters of the promenade and the works have been awarded for 1,051,540.82 Euros, of which 562,500 Euros will be provided through the 2021 Assistance and Cooperation Plan (450,000 euros correspond to the Diputación and 112,500 Euros, to the City Council of Manilva) and the rest, with own funds of the Manilveño consistory.

With the third phase of the project currently being drafted and a budget of approximately 900,000 Euros being assigned, of which some 600,000 Euros will be financed through the 2022 Assistance and Cooperation Plan and the rest, with the Manilva City Council’s own funds.

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