post-title Regulations for the good use of the beaches

Regulations for the good use of the beaches

Regulations for the good use of the beaches

Regulations for the good use of the beaches

The Manilva City Council provides guidance on the correct usage of our local beaches, reminding everyone of the current regulations which include the following stipulations:

Beach regulations for Manilva and Sabinillas

Prohibition of animals:

As stated in the Municipal Beach Regulations, published in the Official Provincial Bulletin no. 149 on August 4, 2005, the presence of animals on the Manilva coastline is regulated. The goal of these regulations regarding animals on the beach is to safeguard public health and the environment against any potential nuisance or problems caused by animals. Hence, as stated in Article 14, the presence of animals on the beach is strictly forbidden. Any infringement of this rule will result in the corresponding penalty, and the infringer will be obliged to remove the animal immediately.

Fishing hours:

Published in Bulletin no. 149 on August 4, 2005, the Municipal Beach Regulations aim to regulate the correct use of the coastline within the Municipality of Manilva, as well as any activities occurring there. They strive to protect public health and the environment, and to uphold an impeccable image for tourism. According to Article 28, during the bathing season (from June 1 to September 30), fishing from the shore and underwater is forbidden during bathing hours, which extend from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, inclusive.

This rule is in place to prevent potential harm that fishing gear could cause to other users. Those who violate these prohibitions must immediately cease the prohibited activity when verbally requested by the authorities, without prejudice to potential official reports and sanctions if appropriate.

Unattended beach umbrellas and equipment:

It is not recommended to place beach umbrellas early in the morning or leave beach equipment unattended. Space should not be occupied unnecessarily.

Swimming areas, boat corridors, and buoy lines:

For harmonious coexistence on the beach, both swimmers and users of any type of boat must respect designated swimming areas and not occupy inappropriate spaces.


Respecting the flags is crucial to avoid unnecessary risks that could jeopardise your own health and that of the lifeguards.

Barbecues and fires:

Starting fires and barbecuing on the beach without permission is prohibited. The Tourism Delegation has provided guidelines on how to request permission to use the bbq boats designated for this purpose.


Use the provided bins and litter baskets. The beach is a shared space, and we must take care of it.

These general rules aim to ensure that both locals and visitors can enjoy the magnificent beaches of our town in harmony and with respect for the environment. The regulations are designed with a single purpose. To ensure that the Manilva coastline can be enjoyed with civility, respect for the environment, and other users.

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