post-title New School Planned For Casares Costa

New School Planned For Casares Costa

New School Planned For Casares Costa

New School Planned For Casares Costa

Great news for parents who live in the coastal area of Casares, the council release plans for the College of Casares Costa.

The school center will be composed of several buildings surrounded by a large playground. A area of 5.000 square metres will host a childrens primary school module connected to the main building that will host common facilities such as library, computer room, other educational spaces, teachers and administration area.

It will be located on a municipal plot of 10.000 m2, located between the road and the Majestic and Casares del Sol, which has been loaned out by the City Council for the construction of this new public school.

The Mayor and Councilor of Education, Pepe Carrasco and Roc íoo Ruiz met last week with the territorial delegate of the Education Council of the Andalucía Board, Mercedes Garcia, to present the project of the new school of Casares Costa, which is the wording of which is has commissioned the City Council in this way fulfilling the commitment it has made to the JJAA, which will be responsible for its construction and equipment.

The meeting that Councilor Rocío Ruiz was very positive, and discussed the signing of a convention that will regulate all the construction conditions of the school.

The City Council of Casares said the school will be a center c2, 2 years of nursery and primary grade, taking into account the growth of the coast where to date there is 577 children under 12 years old.

This meeting also included the architect of the City Council of Casares, who led the drafting of the project, the head of Education Service and the manager of the Andaluza Public Agency for Education.

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