post-title Manilva News & Local Events March 2021

Manilva News & Local Events March 2021

Manilva News & Local Events March 2021

Manilva News & Local Events March 2021

With last summers events being put on hold the local councils of Manilva and Casares have been inventive with the upcoming carnivals and Easter celebrabrations.

Instead of people coming together in large groups Manilva has put together a Costume Contest that can be participated from home with some great prizes to be won. The voting will be via their Facebook page and more event details can be viewed here on our Events Page.

Local Vaccines

With Spain still having restrictions news on vaccines being administered locally in Manilva and Casares areas has been some very welcome news. In addition local infection numbers are also dropping. We hope to hear of local restrictions being lifted in our region very soon.

Casares teachers and professionals and attending students will start receiving the first dose of AstraZeneca on the 25th Feb and will receive the second dose in about 10 or 12 weeks.

More Covid news from the Junta De Andalucia here.

Both Manilva and Casares councils have implemented a clean up of the area this includes the rivers and other areas of the municipalities, also opening their doors to the library, Manilva’s gym and sports activities in general.

Casares has also opened the municipal gym and pool with 40% participation restrictions. Casares village has just started to build a new skate park for skateboards and bikes and they should be ready for this summer.

Manilva has also gained four new police officers, I´m sure we all feel this is a necessary measure and will be welcomed by all residents.

The Sabinillas College

Feb 25th The construction of the school of San Luis de Sabinillas will begin. Manilva council will be laying the foundation stone which will be carried out with the Delegate of Education and Social Policy present Mercedes García Paine.

All good news and we´re sure you will agree it´s very welcome after all the months of Covid taking the main headlines. To all business owners, we hope you can open up properly soon with full hours, as always we urge locals to shop locally and support these struggling businesses.

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