post-title Fire Protection Information

Fire Protection Information

Fire Protection Information

Fire Protection Information

From the Environment sector, urbanisations, conservation bodies, and private landowners situated adjacent to forested areas are reminded of their obligation to prepare and maintain Self-Protection Plans against forest fires.

🔷 According to the department led by Noelia Muñoz, these Self-Protection Plans will seek to establish the necessary measures and actions for combating forest fires and addressing emergencies stemming from them. They must be drawn up mandatorily and are the responsibility of landowners, associations, urban entities, or representatives of isolated population centres, urbanisations, campsites, commercial areas, companies, or facilities located in high-risk zones. This also applies to associations or companies involved in forestry operations within these areas.

◼️ The Self-Protection Plans will cover:

▪️ The delineation and scope of the Plan, information on existing vegetation, buildings, road networks, surveillance and detection activities, organisation of available resources, protective measures, external assistance, and evacuation procedures for affected individuals, among others.

▪️ Ensuring the presence of a 15-metre-wide outer protective strip, clear of waste, underbrush, and herbaceous vegetation, with the option to maintain clearance of tree and shrub masses.

▪️ Keeping privately owned roads clear of dry vegetation and maintaining ditches at a width of 1 metre. Installation of hydrants connected to the water supply network for firefighting vehicles, ensuring easy access for fire engines and proper marking.

🔺 Failure to comply with the obligation to establish Self-Protection Plans may result in violations classified as very serious, serious, or mild, depending on the consequences of neglecting this duty in the event of a fire.

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