post-title Corona Virus Protocols Summer 2020

Corona Virus Protocols Summer 2020

Corona Virus Protocols Summer 2020

Corona Virus Protocols Summer 2020

With the ever changing protective protocols for Corona Virus here are the recent rulings.

The councilor of commerce, Francisco Becerra, informs us that as of today 17th August 2020, after the Junta de Andalucía published it in the BOJA, the new measures for Bars, Night Clubs and establishments that do not have the bar and café license have come into force:

1. Smoking Prohibited: you may not smoke in outdoor spaces if you cannot keep the safety distance of two meters, most terraces out bars and restaurants will not let you smoke as the social distance cannot be maintained.

2. Close at one 01.00: Bars to close by 01.00 in the morning and new customers will not be accepted after midnight. The limitation of the tables will be ten people.

3. Closing of Night Clubs: discos, dance halls or cocktail bars may not open.

These are in addition of wearing masks everywhere!

Exceptions for not wearing a mask, health reasons, you will need medical proof if stopped by the police.

Exercise, these include running, speed walking, cycling, however to be on the safe side always carry a mask with you.

Beaches, the beaches in the area are wide and so far no problems have been reported about overcrowding, further along the coast towards Marbella you will have to book a time and keep to the 4 hours max.

Since July and an influx of tourists from around the world the infection figures have crept up with no surprise and these measures have been put in place to reduce further infections and hopefully to prevent any further lock downs.

The mayor of Manilva recently quoted figures of 61 fines issued so far in August to people who were not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly.

We hope all of you stay safe and follow the rules imposed on us and prevent further lock downs in the region.

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