post-title Apply Now For IBI Discount in Manilva

Apply Now For IBI Discount in Manilva

Apply Now For IBI Discount in Manilva

Apply Now For IBI Discount in Manilva

The Government Team, in a clear bid to ease the tax burden of citizenship and provide aid to the most in need, has amended the tax ordinance governing the real estate tax law, which will mean that there will be discounts paying the IBI.

The tax rate applied to taxation was reduced to 0,6 for urban real estate and to 0,45 for rustic properties.

At this time with a state of alarm, municipal management has been overturned in the search for and implementation of measures whose first goal is to preserve and protect the health of all our citizens and to cushion the economic impact.

As the Mayor of Manilva, Mario Jimenez said: ′′ We, in the Government Team have a strong intention to lower taxes and seek all alternatives to ease burdens on the family’s economy “.

The discounts of the tax ordinance and its application will be as follows:
I. A discount of 70 percent of the tax on property in which economic activities are carried out will be declared special interest or municipal usefulness to meet social, cultural, historical artistic or promotional circumstances employment.

In order for a building to benefit from this discount, it must obtain the corresponding declaration of special interest or municipal usefulness by agreement of the IBI office.

Request for the declaration by the taxable person accompanied by the documentation proving compliance with the formal and substantial conditions required to be declared.

II. Taxable persons who have a large family will benefit from a 30 % discount. The  property affected must have a catastral value equal to or less than euros 170.000

III. The full share of the tax will be bonified by 30 percent for real estate where systems for thermal or electric use of energy from the sun have been installed. In the case of buildings where both energy use systems have been installed, the full share of the tax will benefit from a single 50 % reduction. However, these discounts will be conditional on heat-producing facilities to include collectors approved by the competent administration.

IV. The previous discounts shall apply for the tax period of entry into force of the amendment to the tax order and for the following, being this period susceptible to extension after agreement reached by the competent body.

V. Compatibility of all previous bonuses in case of concurrence is regulated.

A discount of 5 percent of the full share of the tax, replacing the current 3 percent, will be applied to taxable persons who pay their IBI via bank standing orders.

This discount shall be compatible with those expressed in points I, II and III.

All interested parties should make efforts through the Provincial Funding Patronage in both Manilva and Sabinillas until January 30

For further information you can contact the Patronage by mail: or calling 95 951 72 75

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