post-title Essential Guide to visit Ronda

Essential Guide to visit Ronda

Essential Guide to visit Ronda

Essential Guide to visit Ronda

Are you contemplating a visit to Ronda, or perhaps you’re already in Ronda and unsure about what to visit or do? You’ve arrived at the right post. Ronda is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Andalucía, ready to welcome visitors and share its rich history, culture, and unparalleled beauty.

Located in the province of Málaga, in southern Spain, this mountainous city offers a unique blend of historical charm and outdoor adventure. If you find yourself in Ronda or in one of the quaint surrounding villages, we guarantee there’s much to enjoy.

Whether, you’re a history lover, a wine enthusiast, or an avid adventurer, Ronda won’t leave you indifferent. Prepare to delve into an exhaustive travel guide and, as always, remember that the best way to get to know a place is by exploring it yourself.

Frequent questions if you go to Ronda

How to get to Ronda?

The most recommended option by the Viva Manilva team is always going to be with a rental car. You can access Ronda via two routes: the San Pedro road, Marbella, or the Casares road. At Viva Manilva, we recommend the San Pedro road.

Be careful! Both are roads with many bends. Altough, we believe that the Casares road and the maintenance is better on the San Pedro road.

Is one day in Ronda enough?

As we said, Ronda is a great city that has a lot of culture and life to see. In fact, we have organized the most emblematic places in Ronda for you. With these ways, you can be very satisfied

Is Ronda worth going?

Yes, Ronda is a town in the province of Malaga within the autonomous community of Andalusia. It’s known for its picturesque location on a mountainous plateau. Besides, this is a place with a rich history in Spain, specifically in Andalusia. Its impressive bridge over the Tajo river gorge is its main attraction, marking a distinctive characteristic.

Are things open in Ronda on Sunday?

On Sundays in Ronda, you can find tourist information points, public and private transportation services (bus, taxis, Uber, etc), the bullring with its museum… its new bridge and gorge are always open.

Nevertheless, public or state buildings will be closed. Except, for the tourist information ones, will be closed.

What is the best month to visit Ronda?

The high season is usually during the months of July and August. However, we recommend that if you are travelling during these times, bring water, a cap, and sun cream. These are months of extreme temperatures. And, its Mediterranean climate guarantees sunshine, but you should still remember that it can also reach high temperatures.

Can you drink tap water in Ronda Spain?

This is often something that tourists are unsure of! In Ronda the water is considered drinkable, but it’s described as “hard” and doesn’t always taste nice. The majority of people, locals and travellers alike, drink bottled water or use a filter jug, we advise you to do the same.

Essential Things to See in Ronda

Puente Viejo y su Mirador de Aldehuela

The old bridge consists of a single arch, 10 meters in diameter and 31 meters above the river level. From here, you can see the other side of Ronda’s most famous bridge.

Puente Nuevo

It’s the most famous bridge in Ronda. To appreciate its grandeur, the best view is from the viewpoints in Plaza de España in the newer part of the town, right at the entrance of the bridge.

Puerta de Almocábar

Three successive gates along with two semicircular towers on the sides. These served as accommodation for the guard of that era. A beautiful historical heritage of Spain.

Alameda del Tajo

It’s a tree-lined promenade and botanical garden that dates back to the early 19th century and is located in the city of Ronda, province of Malaga, Spain.

Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor

the Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor stands on the site of the old main mosque of the city. It is a 13th-century structure of which remains of the mihrab are still preserved.

Plaza del Socorro

Socorro Square in Ronda is located in the urban center of the city’s new area.

It’s one of the most emblematic squares of the town. It is also among the busiest by everyone who lives in or walks around Ronda.

Where to eat in Ronda?

From the team at Viva Manilva, we would like to recommend our favourite tapas bars where you can taste the typical cuisine of Ronda, and one of the most well-known restaurants in the ‘Rondeño’ town, which received a Michelin star in 2022, run by chef Benito Gómez.

Meson carmen la de Ronda

Mesón Carmen la de Ronda (€€)

A place worth noting for its wonderful views towards the Sierra de Ronda or, if you book a spot on the city street, there’s no less charm in dining amidst the stone buildings and streets that embellish this town.

Casa Mateos

Casa Mateos (€€)

A gastronomic winery inaugurated in 1969 with tapas, roasted meats, regional charcuterie, and seasonal dishes in a rustic bar-restaurant setting.

Puerta Grande

Puerta Grande (€€-€€€)

It’s a bar-restaurant traditional Andalusian food. Besides, the dishes such as oxtail and seafood paella. Delicious!

Restaurant Bardal (€€€)

A restaurant awarded nine Michelin stars, the latest one received in 2022 by chef Benito Gómez. The cuisine is based on the proximity and seasonality of the products.

Los eventos más tradicionales en Ronda

Real Feria de Mayo

Royal May Fair

A fair featuring various livestock competitions, animal displays, machinery showcases and an area dedicated to promoting and selling local products. This is complemented by cooking demonstrations by local chefs to highlight the value of the region’s produce. Additionally, activities will be carried out promoting the local wines or pairing them with cheeses.

Feria de Pedro Romero

Feria de Pedro Romero

September in Ronda is synonymous with celebration, it’s a place that possesses a unique charm, as recounted by Orson Wells and Ernest Hemingway. It’s undoubtedly a visit that you must do, when you are in Manilva.

The streets of the town of Ronda are decked out for the occasion, the atmosphere is one of enjoyment, with dances and songs that will ensure you have a fantastic time.

Novillada en La Real Maestranza

Novillada en La Real Maestranza

It’s the star event of the Pedro Romero Fair and Festival where all the bullfighters dress in Goyaesque attire for a renowned bullfighting exhibition across all of Spain. This is the only bullfight held at the historic Ronda Bullring, originating in 1954 with the purpose of commemorating the bicentennial of the birth of Pedro Romero.

In conclusion

Visiting Ronda would indeed be a wonderful experience. This quaint town, steeped in history and imbued with an irresistible Spanish charm, provides an authentic Andalusian experience.
From the lively September festivities, to the enchanting streets, there’s a unique and captivating atmosphere that awaits every visitor. A memorable cultural experience, Ronda promises an unforgettable adventure.

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