Sea Glass Laundry Line And Cat


Sea Glass Laundry Line And Cat art, featuring a sea glass and pebble clothesline with a cat, for a touch of seaside charm in your home decor.  These sea glass are personally gathered from the sun-kissed shores of Manilva.

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Sea Glass Laundry Line And Cat a playful and charming piece of handcrafted art, brings a dash of seaside delight to your home decor. This framed artwork features a quaint clothesline scene, created with sea glass and pebbles, complete with a serene palette of oceanic colors and a watchful cat adding a touch of whimsy. The simplicity of laundry swaying above the feline guardian is a nod to peaceful domestic moments by the shore, making it a lovely addition to any room seeking a touch of beachfront serenity and charm.

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Black, White


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