The delegations of Fiestas and Culture, led by Daniel Muñoz and Alba Jimenez, respectively, have everything ready to enjoy the fair of the Castillo.

All festivities carried out will be family-friendly and subject to sanitary measures due to the pandemic. To do this, citizen collaboration is also requested.

Programming will be as follows:
– Thursday July 15: Children’s Day. Attractions will cost € 1
Music Band Concert. Park of the garden. 22:30 h.
– Friday July 16: Virgin del Carmen Day. Mass in honour of the Virgin of Carmen at 20:00 h in the Castle Church.

Religious ceremony will be officiated by our priest D. Jose Antonio Melgar and sung by the EMMM choir. All the faithful who so desire will be able to attend, until the capacity is complete.

It is remembered from the Delegation of Culture to follow the recommended sanitary measures to attend such acts.

Raya Real concert at the garden park starting at 22:30 h.
– Saturday July 17: Juanlu Montoya concert at the garden park. 22:30 h.
– Sunday July 18: Water Party. Park of the garden starting at 18:00 h. Musical carousel through the streets of the Castle.
* Entry to concerts will be with invitation, following reservation at the Party delegation, calling: 619725509.

Location: Castillo