For the first time in the sports history of Manilva there will be a trail running test.

Organised by the Sports delegation of the City of Manilva and the Kruos, has the support of the Provincial Council of Malaga, Civil Protection, the Cycling Club of Manilva, Vendaval Sport and the Andalusian Federation of Athletics.

This sport has many followers and has a considerable acceptance among athletes who see in the field through a direct way of being in contact with nature playing sports.

The Regulations of the I Trail of Manilva, which will be held on Saturday, January 19, is as follows:

The start of both races (12 – 25 km.) Will take place at 10.30 am.,
in C / Mar, from the door of the City Hall. Being the goal in the
same place.


The LARGA race will have an approximate distance of 25 km., Inside
of the municipal term of Manilva, with an accumulated unevenness of 1700 +/-.
The short race will have an approximate distance of 12 km., Coinciding for the most part, with the beginning and end of the long race, with a cumulative difference of 1100 +/-


For the longest race it will be necessary to be 21 years old.
For the other lighter it will be necessary to be 15 years old.


A maximum of 400 riders will be admitted between both races. The
Organization will reserve 20 numbers.
The registration period is established from October 22 to
January 14, at 10.00 pm, or until the numbers are sold out.
Registrations will not be accepted after the deadline or once the
quota of registered.


For the 12 km race: € 10 (€ 12 if you register after January 1).
For the 25 km race: € 18 (€ 20 if you sign up after January 1)
The payment of both careers includes:
– Accident insurance.
– Refreshments. (5 long / 4 short)
– Goal provisioning.
– Broker’s purse.
– Finisher medal.
– Paella and refreshment at the end of the test.
– Ambulance service and medical assistance.
– Showers


The bibs will be collected on Friday, January 18, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Sports Delegation office (next to the Las Viñas football field) or in the departure area, on the same day. the race, from 8.00h., until 30 minutes before the start of it. Until January 11, change may be made
of numbers.
It will be essential to present the DNI, for the collection of the number.
The Organization asks the local runners to collaborate by retiring their numbers on Friday and thus avoid unnecessary waiting on the day of the race.


The route will be marked with pieces of colored plastic tape
live, posters and arrows, as well as by Civil Protection, the staff
volunteer or of the Organization in those places that are deemed
timely, being required to pass through the established controls.


The timing of this race will be that used by the Athletics Federation.
The maximum time to complete the race will be 5 hours, so
At 3:30 pm, the goal will be closed. Once this time has passed, the participating runners must deliver the race number, having to abandon the race, since the Organization can not guarantee its safety.


The awards ceremony will take place at 3:00 p.m., (long race) and 13:00 p.m.
(Short career), approximately.
The runners that wish to qualify for the prizes of the local category will have to present, at the moment of the withdrawal of the number, an official document (DNI, passport, registration form,
etc.) proving that condition.
Trophies for the first 3 classified in each of the following
Categories (male and female):
• Race of 25 km.
– General
– Senior (from 21 to 39 years old)
– Veterans (from 40 to 49 years old)
– Master’s degree (more than 50 years)
– Local
• Race of 12 km.
– General
– Juvebil (from 15 to 19. For the participants from 15 to 18 years, authorization from the father, mother or guardian is required)
– Senior (from 20 to 39 years old)
– Veterans (from 40 to 49 years old)
– Master’s degree (more than 50 years)
– Local
– Trophy for the Club with maximum representation.


Any participant who does not comply with these regulations will be disqualified, does not complete the entire course, deteriorates or dirties the environment, does not wear his or her dorsal finely visible or disregards the indications of the Organization.


The race will have medical service, however, all participants are obliged to help any injured runner.
When there are sections of the race that are shared with motor vehicles, the runners must respect the rules of the road when necessary and always driving on the road.

Location: Manilva