Organized by the Sports Club Senderista de Manilva “Los Kruos” and the sports delegation of the Exemo Ayuntamiento de Manilva give rise to the IV TRAIL Manilva.

It will have two tests:

  • Long race: 25 km route, within the municipality of Manilva with a difference in level of 2 km.
  • Short race: 14 km route. Coincident start and end point. 1.2 km drop.

The V TRAIL MANILVA 2024 is on January 13, coinciding with both races with the same start. The time will be at 10:00 a.m. in Plaza Martín Carpena with a maximum time of 5 hours.

A maximum of 400 participants is established, 200 for the LONG test and 200 for the SHORT test. Any person with a minimum age of 18 years or a minimum age of 16 years can participate, provided they are accompanied in the test by a father, mother or guardian and deliver express authorization for the bib number collection.

Registration for the test can be done through the website .The registration period is set until January 6, at 11:59 p.m., or until the bibs are sold out.. Late registrations will not be accepted or once the registered quota has been covered. Registration fees are as follows:

  • For the short race: €17
  • For the long race: €22

This amount includes:

  • Timing and Registration Platform.
  • Refreshment stations.
  • Accident insurance and RC of the test.
  • Lifeguard and First Aid Service. Ambulances.
  • Marking and subsequent cleaning of the area.
  • Runner’s bag. (if it contains textile material, sizes are not guaranteed after December 31)
  • Trophies for first place finishes.
  • Showers.
  • Cloakroom.

If you want to continue informing yourself about the rules, cut-off times and safety of the test, you can visit the REGULATION IV TRAIL MANILVA.

Location: Manilva