The Princess Children’s Musical arrives at the Rosary Gardens on Sunday, July 26 at 22.00 p.m.
Entry to the musical is free, but the capacity is limited to comply with safety and social distance measures.
Reservations can be made until July 22th in the email indicating the following data:
✅ Name and surname
✅ ID ✅
✅ Contact phone
✅ Number of attendees per family core
✅ Address where the family core is registered
Only one application per family core will be accepted and only one adult responsible for each family core will be allowed to attend (exceptions).
From the city council of Casares, a comprehensive protocol has been made with the aim of preference for the children’s public and for all security and social distancing measures to avoid infections by Covid19.
 No confirmation mail or printed entry required, will be checked by listing of names and surnames on the access door.
 The organization will be responsible for allocating seats by order of arrival of applications, with the front row reserved for people with reduced mobility.
 Email will be sent by the organization indicating confirmation of booking and numbering of seats.
 No person over the age of 6 without a mask will be allowed in. The use of mask is mandatory to access the enclosure. It’s only possible to remove the mask when the person is sitting in their seat.
 Access to the compound with baby carts is prohibited.
 It’s completely forbidden to move from the seat and circulate through the stands and chairs area.
Users and users are required to follow staff indications at all times.


Location: Casares Costa