🙋🙋🙋 Book your place for the Santa’s Workshop Show

🎅🏻The Santa Claus Workshop is the musical show for a children´s audience who will be able to enjoy this Christmas in Casares Costa on December 20th, in Secadero on December 21st and in Casares on December 23rd.

📝Due to capacity limitations reservations will be required. For Casares Costa the registrations can be made through email: cultureacasarescosta@casares. Before December 17th.

In the case of Casares, those interested should register at the Casa Natal de Blas Infante before December 22nd. For Secadero the inscriptions are carried out at the Municipal Library.

🎄 The shows will be in the Christmas tents and the standard people will have preference.

Location: Casares Costa, Casares, Secadero