📿 💖 The Rosary of Illusions serves tonight as a preamble to the Pilgrimage that have its departure tomorrow at four in the afternoon.

🥁🙏🏻With the music of a drummer, at ten o’clock tonight the Rosary of Illusions begins in the Chapel of San Sebastian, a very emotional celebration in which speeches and poems are read to the Virgin with musical accompaniment by the choir of the Brotherhood. And that despite having recently been incorporated into the programming already enjoys a great welcome.

🌹💞The Virgin of the Rosary of the Field is now ready to celebrate the Pilgrimage 2024 The chapel opens its doors tomorrow at eleven a.m. for neighbors to visit.. At four o’clock in the afternoon the Patron will leave for the Hermitage accompanied by rosemary on foot and on horseback. And once in his Ermita he will receive the floral offering by the horsemen, giving way to a festive evening with live music with the groups Compás Flamenco and Latidos.




Location: Casares