The programming Andalusian Theater Festival continues at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center with the play ‘Lilith’, which began on the 17th with the play ‘Something about me, something about you’, will continue on March 2, at 8:00 p.m., with the play ‘Lilith’ (special Women’s Day), starring the Italian actress living in Spain, Silvia Schiavoni, to end with ‘Boabdil, the last King’, on March 10.

Synopsis: Lilith, a famous model of the 21st century, finds herself in a publicity photo shoot, before a dedicated audience. She, far from being silent, decides to tell her story to the public, from the creation of the world.

A look that gives the keys to the dehumanization of the human being, supraterrestrial interests and the ostracism of women. Lilith, a thousand-year-old and ancestral rebel, will tell us her story without fear and openly.

A magnificent text by Jesús García Amezcua, who also directs it, and played by a colossal actress, Silvia Schiavoni.

Location: Centro Cultural Padre Manuel, Estepona