The San Isidro pilgrimage opens the festivities on Sunday in honor of the Patron Saint of Estepona.

The Estepona Town Hall informs that this Sunday the festivities in honor of San Isidro Labrador will begin with the celebration of the traditional pilgrimage in Los Pedregales park.

The beginning of the pilgrimage to the hermitage of the Patron Saint will begin at 08:00 in the morning from the parish of San José. The images of San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza will be accompanied by a significant number of floats, bands of verdiales and horsemen who will make the floral offering to the Holy Matrimony upon arrival at their hermitage.

The festivities will continue during the week of May 11 to 14 with the Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San Isidro. The program will be notified by the Estepona town hall in the next few days the program of events 2023.

Wednesday May 10


The parade departs from Victor de la Serna Public School (San Lorenzo Avenue) and is accompanied by the Marbella Musical Group. (Route: San Lorenzo Avenue, Real Street, Terraza Street, Granada Street, San Juan Street, and return to the school).


At the Fair, Sports and Leisure Grounds, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, a parade of authorities, queens, and junior maids of honor, accompanied by the Estepona Municipal Band. Later on, the official dance of the presidency will take place at the “San Isidro Labrador” Official Booth.


From this time onwards, there will be music entertainment at the San Isidro Labrador Official Booth.

Sunday May 14

  • Floral offering to the patron of Estepona: from this time, until 1:00 p.m., in the Parish Hall of San José, FLORAL OFFERING TO THE PATRON SAINT for the ornamentation of the Cross-Guide and carrying cart.

There will also be a horse contest with an awards ceremony at the official booth at 18PM.

    The Brotherhood will offer a snack to the older peasants of Estepona in the Official Booth. The evening will feature a performance by the Estepona group “Amores del Sur”, followed by the dance of the Active Participation Day Center, directed by “MÓNICA PEÑA”.
  • In the Official Booth, performance by the students of LOURDES BAZÁN
    (Director of the Flamenco School of Andalusia) and LOURDES BARRIENTOS (Delegation of Culture).

Monday May 15

  • Viewa of Christian Altars 1PM – 6PM
  • To begin the day of coexistence, the Governing Board of the Brotherhood, Queens and Ladies will carry out the traditional VISIT OF
    ALTARES, installed in the processional itinerary and other streets of the town, with the distribution of lemons courtesy of the Cooperativa Agrícola, where a jury will reward the best altars dedicated to the
    Patron saint.
  • The processional exit of San Isidro
  • A showy and colorful procession made up of horsemen, a group of malagueñas, peasant images, Panda
    de Verdiales, floats… from the Parish of San José and with the following itinerary: C/Valencia, Zaragoza, Terraza, Papuecas, Montecillo, Casares, Pilar de Farirós, Prolongation Avda. San Lorenzo – new Town Hall of Estepona, Avda. San Lorenzo, Real, Terraza, El Cid, Goya with return to his temple, in which we will all sing. The march “Estépona surrenders to your feet” composed by the Musical Group of “Marbella”.
  • 10:00 p.m. DJ ANIMATION
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