The Estepona City Council has informed that a new edition of the “Cruces de Mayo” contest will be held next Saturday, May 6. It is a traditional popular contest in which the beauty of the altars created by the people of Estepona is rewarded.
This year, a total of seven altars participate. These will be set up by Brotherhoods, collectives and neighbors in various places in the municipality. Around the different crosses there will be bars and food to taste. Food and drinks while you enjoy this tradition.
In addition, the participants will be given several prizes for the creation of the ‘Crosses’. The jury, which will be made up of a technician from the municipal Parks and Gardens delegation and a member of each of the participating Brotherhoods, Brotherhoods and neighborhood groups.
The jury will assess the beauty of the Cross, the ornamentation of the place where it is installed, its adaptation to tradition, and the craftsmanship and details used in the Cross as a whole. In this new edition, a single category has been called for the best cross in streets or squares,
The first three classified will receive €1,000, €500, €250 and a trophy, respectively, in addition to five second prizes of €100.
The jury’s visit to Las Cruces will take place on the same day of the celebration, Saturday, May 6, starting at 12:00 p.m., without prior notice.

Ubicación de las cruces de Estepona

The altars is at these points:

  • Plaza Virgen del Carmen: Hermandad Ntra. Sra. del Carmen Coronada.
  • Plaza del Rocío: Hermandad Ntro. Padre Jesús Cautivo.
  • Plaza Pozo Prado: Grupo PASE (Paz, Amor y Solidaridad).
  • Calle Veracruz: Hermandad del Santísimo Cristo de La Vera+Cruz.
  • Plaza Antonio Gala: Hermandad del Stantísimo Cristo del Amor.
  • Plaza Juan Bazán: Vecinos del Casco Antiguo.
  • Plaza Begines: Real Hermandad de Santa María de los Remedios.
Location: Estepona