With the arrival of spring, the Cultural Delegation of the City Council of Manilva, directed by the edil Alba Jimenez, is preparing the Cultural Week, with a set of activities focused on music, photography, painting and theatre, with other news of events to be held the week of 20th to 24th of April in different parts of the municipality.

The initiatives will begin Wednesday April 20, at 19.00 in the Civima with the prize distribution of the Easter Week photography contest, designed by the 35mm Photography Association and featuring the collaboration of the cultural area.

After the award ceremony, on the same stage from 19.30 the children’s theatre play “The Kitchen of Words”; a play by the company La Carpa Teatro, which deals with a very curious kitchen; a kitchen where it is cold n poems, they make up Verses, paint words or sing stories. It’s a kitchen to laugh with tomato, cry with onions, or sing with steaks.

To attend the theatre, you will need to collect tickets in the Cultural Delegation in advance starting Monday the 18th from 8.00 to 15.00.

On Thursday April 21st, it’s time for more music and theatre performed by the Municipal School of Music, Dance and Theatre of Manilva, the theatre group, together with the teachers of the EMMDAT have prepared a different concert. Literature through music, is a fusion of music and theatre, where well-known topics based on great works of Cinema and Literature will be interpreted in some way or narrated by the students of the municipal school from theatrical.

This concert will take place at 20.00 in the Civima auditorium and entry will be limited until full capacity.

On Friday 22, the EMMDAT will again be starring in this Cultural Week and with a change of location to the Duchess Castle.

This time it’s about “Art in the Street”, which will start between 17.00 to 20.00. This activity will have different scenarios, where various music, dance and theatre shows will simultaneously be staged; all conducted by students and teachers of the EMMDAT.

This encounter with art will take place at the Monument of the Castle of the Duchess, Paseo Marítimo and Plaza Miramar.

To end this cultural week, Saturday April 23rd, and coinciding with the celebration of the International Book Day, there will be a children’s workshops in Plaza de la Vendimia, which will be accompanied by stories, to honour and encourage the reading of the little ones.

This workshop will be accompanied by another, aimed at all audiences. This is a printing workshop, in which anyone who can participate and it will be in the same square on 23rd and 24th from 12.00 to 14.00.
The inscriptions will be held at the same place, being able to incorporate into the workshop at the time each wishes; it is only necessary to carry the material on which you want to stamp, recommended to wear canvas fabrics.

On the 23rd of April, in Villa Matilde starting at 9.00 in the morning all lovers of poetry and literature in general can sign up for the first sample of poetry called “Manilva Metaphora”; it is about the first contest of live poetry, the prize winner will receive €100 from the hands of the Ateneo de Manila.

For the development of this set of activities, the cultural delegation has counted on the support of various associations and municipal collectives such as the Municipal School of Music, Dance and Theatre, the Ateneo of Manilva, the Doce Art Association or the 35mm Photography Association.

From the cultural delegation, Alba Jimenez wanted to make an open invitation to all the residents and visitors of our municipality to come and enjoy the acts and entertainment.

Location: Manilva