This years carnival due to Corvid 19 will have a twist, with most activities being online, with votes for the best costumes contest being voted on via the Manilva Coucil Facebook page.

The Minister for Culture Alba Jimenez, in collaboration with the Association Carnavalesca Peña ′′ Los Niños ′′ of Sabinillas, given the proximity of the date when the Carnivals are commonly celebrated and it being impossible to carrying out activities normally due to the pandemic the council are launching a costume contest from home called ′′ Home and Family ′′. This contest will be targeted at both the children and adults.



All those who want to participate, it is not necessary to be registered in the Municipal of Manilva. There will be two forms: individual (child and adult) and collective; to participate in the group’s mode, participation will only be allowed for people living in the same home, costumes must not be from another household. The adult age restriction is 15 years of age.


The subject is open, you can dress up as you want. Costume creations can be of any material or technical; there is no obligation to suit any particular topic.


To participate in this contest, you must send photos taken (with good resolution) to this email ′′ ′′ or by private message to Facebook City Council Manilva Press

In the same email, the following information should be stated: ′′ MANILVA CARNIVAL COSTUME CONTEST 2021 “.  The name of the costume and the name of the person(s) involved will be required. In the case of presenting a collective costume, it is sufficient to point out one name, representing the family unit.

Submissions of photographs can be made from the 5th March from 17:00 and the deadline 8th March 12:00


The jury shall be composed of all those who want to participate and category, through a popular voting system through Facebook, should leave a comment on the photograph on which you are exercising the vote; they shall take into account criteria such as, the Originality of costume, work and effort put into the costumes and interpretation.

Voting will be held on 9th, 10th and 11th, leaving comments they think relevant and clearly stating whether their vote is favorable or not favorable to the costume in question. “Likes” won’t be considered.

Final results will be posted on Manilva Town Hall Facebook page on March 12th


The following awards are established by category:

* Individual Child Category

– First Prize: Scooter Shooter 3 Wheels Max 100 K

– Second Prize: Land Surfer Max 100 K Skateboard

* Individual Adult Category

– First prize: Worth £ 70 in local trade.

– Second prize: Worth £ 50 in local trade.

* Family Category

– First prize: Worth £ 100 at Local Restaurant

– Second prize: Worth £ 100 at Local Restaurant


The organization reserves the right to add new rules, to change in whole or partially the rules or any aspect of the contest, to take new initiatives, which without being regulated on the present bases, contribute to the greater success and good operation of the contest.

For any kind of information you can call Culture phone: 619726628.

Location: Manilva