Feria Explick 2022 is organizated by Expoclick. It’s a company dedicated to the organization of events and fairs of the world of Playmobil. In this case, they are in charge of holding an open-air playmobil fair on Sabinillas beach, Manilva.

This outdoor click fair consists of a set of folding tents from about 50 square meters to 20 square meters. Each of them set on a different theme. From battles of the Middle Ages to zoos with hundreds of animals, characteristic settings of countries around the world, etc.

It is not the first time that this fair has been held in Sabinillas. They have been performing for at least 5 years here. It is something very beautiful to see. Since it is not only for children and collectors but also for adults, especially those of us who have played with this type of toys, we excite to see them again. Even see one that we have had in our homes.

Another fact to mention is that they not only place these click displays but also place a small playmobil store with a key ring, individual toys, houses and 1000 figures…


Location: Paseo marítimo de Sabinillas