The delegation of Fiestas & Youth have announced two parties to celebrate the coming New Year.

As the mayor said, there will be two parties, one for youth and one for the so-called, second youth or middle age.

The first party will take place in the tent that will be installed in Plaza Martín Carpena next to the Manilva vineyards. From 1am in the morning, you can enjoy the live performances by Miguel Saez & Mario Mendez, and DJ set by Dj Turbo.
Tickets can be purchased at the Union Manilva C.F. Early entry will cost € 10 and at the box office € 12. The outlets are the soccer field bar, Mesón el Rocío in Sabinillas or contact the club’s own coaches.

So that all people who want it have the opportunity to celebrate the coming of the new year and say goodbye to 2019, there will be a year-end party in the Manilva Multiple Uses pavilion.

This party will be pro tour end of course of Las Viñas institute, with early tickets at € 10 and € 12 at the box office.

On entry there will be a drink and canapé with soup at dawn.

The points of sale will be in the Rincon de Alcántara in Manilva and in the Cervecería Cruz Blanca, Vendaval Sport and Bloody Mary.

You will also be able to purchase tickets through the institute’s own students and the AMPA. The Pekado orchestra will liven up the night with the best live music.

They collaborate, in addition with the students of the institute, Muled Sound Shows.



Location: Manilva