In Estepona, it’s announced that the tenth ‘Día del Pedal’ will be celebrated on Sunday, October 8th, marking the Year of the Bicycle in Estepona. This edition will have a special charitable focus.

The ‘Pedalea por Mario’ (Pedal for Mario) event aims to raise funds for Mario, a young boy from Estepona with cerebral palsy, who requires financial support for his necessary treatments. Both organizing associations will set up a merchandise booth, where attendees can purchase a water bottle for their bike or a bracelet + pendant for 3 euros. Additionally, a bank account has been established for voluntary donations:

ES74 01826727100201593701. Concept: Donativo Mario.

This event kicks off at the Antonia Guerrero Square in Estepona. The cycling group will set out to cover the main streets and avenues of the town center. From 09:00 to 09:55, new participants can register or get their ‘cyclist passport’ stamped, with the ride set to start promptly at 10:00 am.

Location: Plaza Antonia Guerrero, Estepona