Next Thursday, February 2, at 8:00 p.m., the concert Checkmate! will be held at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center. “A tres bandas”, a musical show of guitar, percussion and piano in which three very different styles of many other artists from Estepona merge: the guitarist Julián Bedmar, the percussionist Sergio Fargas and the pianist Miguel Á. Rooms.

These three professionals in the music sector, each in their field of action, have a long history behind them. Once again, they are involved together in this musical project in which they merge the wisdom and experience acquired over all these years, to offer this show, with which they intend to put the viewer in check! With its musical fusion of very diverse styles, such as jazz, Latin or flamenco, without abandoning the taste of classical Spanish music. A unique proposal for spectators, where they can enjoy a cultural concert that encompasses the musical culture of various countries.

Tickets are priced at €8 in advance, at Musisol Musical Instruments, Phone: 652086993, and €10 at the box office, from one hour before the start of the show.