Musicals, nativity scenes or Christmas villages among other activities make up a program designed for the whole family

Today Casares begins to shine with the lighting of Christmas lighting in the 3 towns of the municipality. This year there are novelties in the decoration and the lights, with the intention of recreating in the best of ways these endearing parties.

With the lighting, all programming begins, from today until the day of the Magi, the municipality will have three musicals, skating rinks and villages of Santa Claus.

Highlights include events such as the Belén Living de Casares, the Flamenco Festival or the Zambombá de Secadero and the 80’s music concert, as well as the New Year’s Eve Parties to say goodbye to the year and receive 2020 high.

Also during these days, representations of the Municipal Dance and Theater Schools and decoration competitions, nativity scenes and trees are held. The elders of the municipality will also have an afternoon dedicated to them, with snacks and live music. The younger people have different activities such as karaoke, and excursions to the cinema or Karting.

A program that will end on Sunday, January 5 with the Three Kings’ rides, which this year for the first time extend to Casares Costa that will have its own tour of the Marina de Casares urbanization.

The programs can be found in the different municipal offices, and in the web page and social networks of the City Council of Casares and / or Tendencies of City Hall.