Sabinillas and the Castillo de La Duquesa have always been a small fishing area. That is why here, in Manilva, the main day of the “Virgen del Carmen” is a local festival on July 16, patron saint of all fishermen on the coast.

Flowers and sounds of boat horns intermingle with the cries of beauty to the Queen of the Seas. At sunset, the images after the seafaring mass go out in procession to the beach, are embarked and go out to sea guarded by fishing boats. , as well as by sports boats in authentic seafaring pilgrimages full of magic.

The program to see the virgin this summer will begin:

virgen del carmen 2023virgen del camren program 2023

On July 14 and end on July 16:

From the 15th to the 17th there will be a mass at 8:00 p.m. at the Castillo de la Duquesa. Although the 16th is the main day when the masses and processions will take place.

On July 16:

Castillo de la Duquesa San Luis de Sabinillas
Timing of mass 18.00h 12.00h
Timing processions 19.00h 18.30h

Castillo de la Duquesa: Iglesia del Carmen
San Luis de Sabinillas: Barrio de Pescadores

Do you want to know more about this festivity?

History and origin of the Virgen del Carmen

July 16 is a special day in Manilva. It is the day in which the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of the sea and the Spanish Navy. Spain is one of the countries that has this most deeply rooted festivity, being celebrated in many towns on the Spanish coast. Read on to discover one of the best places to celebrate this holiday.

“Virgen del Carmen” is the common name given to Saint Mary of Mount Carmel. Her name comes from the veneration of her on Mount Carmel, in Israel. Both Carmelo and Carmen derive from the same word Karmel and Al-Karem, which translate as “garden of God” and which in turn gives name to all those people who are called Carmen, Carmela or Kamele, among others.

Her devotion was brought to America by Spanish missionaries at the time of colonization, which is why this holiday is celebrated in places like Costa Rica, Chile or Colombia, among many others.

Where did the Virgen del Carmen appear?

The sea is not only a place for vacations and rest. Aulthough the daily setting for many people who live from it. Fishing, in addition to being the main economic activity of many localities. It’s part of their culture and signs of identity. The day of the Virgen del Carmen links the sea and all the people who are somehow related to it. Especially sailors and fishermen.

On July 16, 1251, Saint Simon Stock, superior of the Carmelite fathers of the Cambridge convent, reported that the image of the Virgin Mary appeared to him with a scapular that gave way to heaven to whoever wore it and thus would never go to hell. .

After this link, many believers visit this place to venerate you and it was in this same place that the Carmelite Order was born.

It is then in the thirteenth century the general, San Simón Stock, gave the name to the Virgin of ‘Stella Maris’, “star of the seas”. Hence she became the patron saint of sailors.


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