Casares celebrates their Carnival 2021 on March 6th

Carnival de Casares 2021 features special and telematic programming targeting both children and adults.

Casares councilwoman Antonia Pineda has explained that for safety reasons a series of virtual actions has been opted out.

Children’s Carnival will feature ANIMATION through Radio Casares Facebook page, which will be able to follow all the little ones and their families from home and maintain an interaction with the entertainers.

In addition, all children are invited to dress up and participate in the #CarnivalCasares2021 campaign, flooding social media under that hashtag and showing everyone their costume.

The Adult Carnival will have this year the presence of the groups that traditionally participate in this party, will be interviewed by Radio Casares and in a video that will be made to show the magic and greatness of our carnival in the special ′′ Carnival , remember when…?

Location: Casares