This weekend, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 March, the carnival will be held in our town.

The delegation of Culture, directed by Alba Jiménez, has designed a wide variety of activities for the enjoyment of all citizens, in which we highlight the traditional costume contests or the performances of chirigotas and renowned troupes.

celebrating the purest carnival atmosphere in the Plaza de Los Maestros de Sabinillas.

Saturday opens from 4 in the afternoon with the registration and children’s costumes contest. Soon after we will have animation for the little ones from half past five.

The contest itself, both individually and collectively, will take place at 7 in the evening.

The best costume will take 250 euros for first prize and 150 for the second. In addition, during the day (20:30) there will be a raffle of gifts for the youngest.

Late at night, from 11pm, it will be the time when adults can register for the contest and half an hour later there will be one of the highlights of the evening with the performance of the chirigota del Pelu “all welcome ”On the stage of the Plaza de Los Maestros.

The adult costume contest will take place from half past twelve in which the participants of the individual category will opt for the 250 euros of the first prize, 150 of the second and 100 euros of the third.
In the group section, Culture has allocated 500 euros for the first prize, 300 for the second and 200 for the third.
From that moment, about one o’clock in the morning, we will have the live music of A-Compás Musical and DJ Alejandro Ocaña.

Sunday will open with the carnival parade scheduled for noon to continue with a children’s party and entertainment until five in the afternoon. At that time the main dishes of Sunday arrive, with the performances of the carnival groups finalists of the 2020 contest.

The Chirigota de Vera Luque “Los Cadizfornia” will take the stage at seven-an hour later, it will be the turn of the Comparsa “Los Listos”.

The mayor Alba Jiménez, encourages the population to enjoy each of the activities, which with great care has been organized for all neighbors and visitors.

Location: Sabinillas