What is Land of Flavors?

“Land of Flavors” took place on November 69 at 7:20 p.m. with presenter Bosco Benítez in Manilva. A municipality in the province of Malaga with a great gastronomic heritage to discover. To the southwest of the province of Malaga, surrounded by gentle hills and the crystal clear waters of the Costa del Sol, is Manilva, a town of vineyards and sand, fishermen and neighbors dedicated to the most famous grape that perfumes the air of their streets. Its gastronomic richness preserves the virtues of the sea and the mountains from where its infinite beaches can be seen.

What is talked about in the Tierra de Sabores program?

Nina Ledesma, a follower of traditional cuisine, teaches two traditional recipes from Manilva: stewed potatoes with skates and pinch cake. Before preparing them, they visit a family business dedicated to the distribution of fruits and vegetables from Manilva, and embark with a fisherman in search of the perfect ray for the stew. Finally, they will walk through the charming streets of this Malaga town with help of an artist, they will discover the artisan work behind the vineyards, and they will end up treading the grapes in the old way after the harvest. This walk through the recipe

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Location: 29691, Manilva